Sarah Palin's Mini-Victory Against Sexism


We don’t often agree with Sarah Palin, but we shared her irritation this morning at Politico illustrating a story about Michele Bachmann‘s leadership bid with a photo of her getting made up. Politico’s replaced it, but we’d grabbed the original.

The article was about Republican Congressional leadership and whether Bachmann throwing her hat in the ring is going to mess up party unity. Not about whether Bachmann is vain or ditzy. Or her makeup brushes.

This morning, Sarah Palin responded on Twitter:

A Politico reporter (not one who wrote the piece) clearly did not get it.

Happily, someone else did, and the photo has quietly been changed to a more generic Bachmann shot.

But let’s not get too excited about Palin standing up against the double standard, as one astute observer pointed out:

Now back to criticizing Palin and Bachmann’s race-baiting wingnuttery.

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