Saturday Night Social: Exquisite Artworks Culled From All the Stupid Internet Crap We Like


I’m currently heading out to a new show by internationally renowned contemporary net artist Lorna Mills [DISCLAIMER: PLUG], as I am a fan. But I share because there’s something for every internet user in her GIF tableaux, which I guess is a SFW problem because if you’re going to take a populist approach toward internet art-making, then you must distribute a little porn in everything (I’m looking at YOU, internet). Anyway, she serves up a little of all the funny animals, throwbacks, boobies, pizza, and general viral nonsense of which we are all so fond. They’re like zooming out from the internet and taking it all in at once in a Garden of Earthly Delights. They are magnificent. Unfortunately I must link out to the more explicit ones here, even if it’s just the tip. (I also highly recommend checking out her acclaimed “Ways of Something” series, her redux of critic John Berger’s brilliant 1972 BBC series “Ways of Seeing,” which she broke down into minute-by-minute segments and gave to 117 net artists to visually reinterpret. It makes more sense when you watch it with the explainer.)

And nothing absolutely horrible above the baseline level of terrible happened today (that I am aware of). Which is a reason to celebrate! Happy Saturday!

Credit: Digital Media Tree blog

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