Save The Date: Jezebel's Fashion Swap Meet


Love the clothes as one may, Fashion Week is not, alas, a retail opportunity for mere mortals. Reality lives far from the runways, particularly if you aren’t rolling in piles of money and/or free time.

But fashion joy is possible, and it comes in the form of free stuff. And this year, everyone deserves to feel a small spark of sartorial magic.

Enter the Jezebel Fashion Swap Meet! Free drinks, free clothes!

Trade in at least one wearable item — clothes, shoes, accessories — and walk out with something new-to-you. The more you bring, the merrier the rummaging! (And the more the environment will love you for it.)

When: Tuesday, September 14 7-10 pm
Where: Gawker Media roofdeck, 210 Elizabeth Street, 4th Floor

Bonus: The first 100 to arrive get a nifty tote for carrying home your loot. RSVP here.*

Not in NYC? Alas, alack! But maybe try organizing your own, or finding one in your area. Or at least recycle something on that day, and be there with us in spirit!

*We realize that there are a very limited number of formal RSVP spots; these are for us to gauge turnout. Swing by anyhow, and if the rooftop isn’t at capacity, you’re in.

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