School to 11-Year-Old Dressed in Christian Grey Costume: 'No'


11-year-old Liam Scholes hasn’t read Fifty Shades of Grey and he hasn’t seen the movie. In fact, he probably just wanted to dress up as the iconic character because it’s an easy costume (you just wear a suit and pout a lot). But administrators at his school in the UK decided that the costume was inappropriate and banned him from all World Book Day activities and photos.

Yes, Scholes did bring some cable ties to school with him (which, oh my god, mom, why?) but his mother told the Daily Mail that she doesn’t believe that anything Grey does is any worse than the character his school asked him to change to, James Bond, is into. In fact, Grey doesn’t kill anyone, nor does he tramp about with a new woman every movie. And while Bond probably doesn’t use cable ties for sex (or does he?) he’s also not monogamous, something that Christian Grey absolutely is. In addition, Cosmopolitan reports that a teacher dressed as Dexter Morgan, good-guy serial killer, didn’t have to make any changes to his costume. Why no fuss about the violence?

While the costume may not have been the best idea (Scholes’ mom says it was meant as a joke), it’s also not that scandalous. If you look at pictures of the tiny tot in his gray suit he looks nothing like Christian Grey. He just looks like a kid in a suit. If you asked me who he was, I’d tell you he was probably on his way to a funeral or something. Also, James Bond wears a tux, so if the school wanted Liam to change his character they should have chosen someone more appropriate. (I wonder what it says about me that that’s the thing I’m most outraged about. Costume accuracy, people!)

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