Scientists Claim Men Who Cheat Are Stupider Than Men Who Remain Faithful


When the Tiger Woods story broke, one of the more popular responses was “could he really be that stupid?” Well, according to scientists, yes, he could, as unfaithful husbands are actually dumber than husbands who stay true to their wives.

According to a study taken by Dr Satoshi Kanazawa of the London School of Economics and Political Science, the more intelligent a man is, the less likely it is that he’ll be unfaithful to his partner. Kanazawa’s findings are based on an evolutionary premise that men who are more intelligent and evolved are less likely to be selfish, and therefore more likely to develop selfless values. Interestingly enough, Kanazawa also notes that intelligence and anti-religious, liberal views are linked, with religious and conservative men ranking lower on the intelligence scale, and higher on the infidelity scale than their liberal counterparts. In other words, everything we’ve learned from the dudes of American politics over the past 20 years or so has just been proven by science.

Men Who Cheat On Their Wives “Are Less Intelligent Than Faithful Husbands” [DailyMail]

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