Selfie Loathing: Katy Perry Bikes Through Downtown Brooklyn


Welcome back! This is Selfie Loathing, in which we check out what celebrities have been doing on Instagram. This week: Katy Perry’s on a bike, Kim K’s in a bikini, Jason Momoa is hot, and Lindsay Lohan cannot keep her hands out of her mouth. THE GERMS, Linds.

Squad 2 BARCLAYS! Gonna shut it down tahnight!!!#ThisIsHowWeDo

@andrej_pejic SMIZE

I made a friend this morning

OHMYGOD my beautiful @caitrionabalfe is premiering her new show #outlander tonight at #sdcc #clairexcece #tonightwetakeoversandiego

Thank you @mrchrismcmillan for restoring me back to my most true self (and for cutting my hair for-gulp-20 years!) You did a bang up job! xoxo #bangsforlife

Summer stache. I’ve gone hard. #handlebar

Good morning. Sorry I’ve been gone directing something can’t wait To show u. Aloha j

In my studio raging to my newest @ansolo_music track #TOTEM which will come out on Monday!!! Can’t wait for you all to hear the full track then! Stay tuned on my twitter on Monday for a livestream and info on how u can win one of 7 Skype calls with me! #TOTEM !!!

#Nashville I’m home!!!

Strolling in the gorgeous gardens #Cheekwood #Nashville

I do not support Hamas! I support human dignity and respect! I support sharing! I support Peace! #ceasefire

Steve Aoki’s cake explosion party in Ibiza. In the end, all I got was this.

Gracias JM gracias NM Sorry Manolo


hello everyone in the airport restroom right now

Mixed Feelings™ @maayanandonly_x #radarny #moodring #hairthejewsical


Yeehaw Wtf

Finally getting over these allergies! Yaaaaaaaay !!!

repost from gaga.!

Happy Birthday to the best TV boyfriend ever. @keeoone thank goodness You’re around to crack me up, take my picture and push me to be a better person on and off screen.

I enjoyed myself tonight, performing ! There’s nothing like doing what u love ! #bringbackthemusic


She served it last night!!! Happy birthday @jlo

Daddy’s home! And he let me wear his shades for our date night

If anybody messes with Muva u know who I’m callin

The special guest! @picturesoftext

And then there were two… #TwoLittleSoldiers #OneMoreWeek @annakendrick47

John looks like my guidance counselor breaking the news that my baby bump is not from eating too much KFC. #Krasinski #DirectorExtraordinaire #TheHollars #PreggoMcgee

Date night!

CHECK THESE OUT!THE MOST COMFORTABLE HOODIE ON THE PLANET! Hanging in the grass with my baby girl. AWESOME new ISF hoodies!! Neitzsche not included.. sorry 🙂

#RealScandalFansBeLike “FINALLY!” XOXOX Ep. #401

Yippie Ki-Yay motherf*&$rs, the Big Sky country today on @goop

Always feel very alive/in touch with my teenage self after a visit to @patricia_field

Last day to get my tan in…

I’m Squat and this is my partner Cough. Follow him on Insta- @marmello51 Twitter- @GermarGardner @oitnb #season3

We don’t play. Shooting with 3 cameras at once on@howtogetawaywithmurder (we actually do play a lot it’s just more efficient to have 3 cameras covering multiple angles at the same time)

Night monsters, Going to sleep on Venus. The Planet is quiet tonight, all the artRavers are sleeping..

Don’t miss @YHAwards on CW Monday night and watch this degenerate teach #PornStache!@officialPabloschreiber

I love this man, our marriage, and everything in between


Great catching up with my boy @bkbmg down here in Atlanta.

Nothing cuter than a busted lip. Good job, Fiona. #FXmakeup #SHAMELESS

Night shooting #milesahead #miles #carchase #cincinnati

Happy Birthday @emilybett …Rare to me someone so kind/fun/thoughtful. I don’t have a library card, but do u mind if I check u out? Enjoy ur special day!

This will be us for a while @brandonjrouth

Straight up selfie cause @marcusrfrancis &@stephensollitto did such great work.

Oh I did now did I @officialjdunn ❤️

Share a Coke me……

Loving this trap music

Get some this is what you can do in when LA traffic won’t allow you to go to the gun range hehehegehe

Love my new bright nails. Thanks @ciaomanhattan2012

My body hurts from Episode 301. You know what helps? Drinking beer in Montana.

She’s perfect

#latergram Boyfriend took this of me the other night when we got home from dancing… I was happy. I am happy here. Thank you nola for giving me so many wonderful, rich, and endless days of joy. For giving my son one of the best summer experiences. For the night I danced until 8 am in a place filled with nothing but love. I fall in love with you more and more every day. You are magic. I am grateful. #nola


Soaking it all in… #birthdaygirl #itsmyparty #quietbeforethestorm

Let the games begin! #itsmyparty #funtimes #birthdaygirl #aintnuthingbutanumber

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