Semi-Rational Tom Cruise Didn't Really Compare Acting to Soldiering

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Yesterday, word spread that ageless human branding mechanism Tom Cruise had been quoted comparing his job (as a punch-kicking thespian who has the most demonstrative “running really fast face” in Hollywood) to that of a soldier. In Afghanistan. Cool story, bro, sneered the Internet, as everyone was collectively grateful that Tom Cruise has a private airplane and will therefore never be any ordinary person’s exasperating seat neighbor on a commercial flight. There’s a twist, however, to Cruise’s apparently remorseless arrogance: he was probably misquoted, as if TMZ was purposely exploiting the public’s perception of Tom Cruise as an entitled dickhead. Or something.

With his praetorian guard of litigators ready to dispel any shred of unfavorable gossip, Cruise’s lawyer Bert Fields released a statement yesterday denying that the actor ever actually compared his job mugging in front of expensive camera equipment to that of a deployed soldier:

Headlines stating he equated his job with those in the military are demonstrably false. They are a distortion of what is provable and on the record. Certain websites have published only a part of the proceedings misleadingly selected by the defendant Bauer Publishing.
What the excerpts leave out is the part where Tom was asked the question point blank “do you believe the situations (being in a movie and fighting a war in Afghanistan) are the same?” and his immediate response was “oh come on!” Meaning – of course not. Tom is a staunch supporter of our troops and does not feel that making a movie is even remotely comparable to fighting in Afghanistan and said so in plain English.

In the written deposition, Cruise was actually asked whether being separated from his daughter while shooting movies was comparable to a service member’s separation from his/her family during deployment, to which he was responded (with appropriate incredulity), “Oh come on. You know, we’re making a movie.” Sorry, everyone. We all just have to go back to assuming without definite proof that Tom Cruise secretly believes he is the greatest human ever. [USA Today, TMZ]

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Image via AP, Andy Wong

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