Sex And The City 2 Lookbook Takes Things Way Too Far


Heels! Short dresses! Heels! Heels! It’s all there in the new book Sex And The City 2, your guide to dressing just like The Girls (Zombie-like Photoshop-face not included). Let’s take a look and soak up some fashion wisdom!

According to a PR rep, the book ” promises to give readers an all-access tour of the movie-making process, with behind-the-scenes stories from producer and star Sarah Jessica Parker, writer and director Michael Patrick King, as well as Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon and the movie’s other key cast members and special guest stars.”

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Apparently it took “about three fittings” to get Carrie’s ’80s costume — which we can assume her character just threw together — right. Vital information. Apparently this page — and the one below — are supposed to help you figure out what to wear if you’re “planning a girls’ night out for the movie release and want to dress the part.” This, btw, means Halston.

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Question: If you buy all these items and put this look together, aren’t you the opposite of really cool?

Anyway: $19.95 gets you a paperback; $$29.95 gets you a hardcover, and there’s 176 pages of all this and more. Reading is fundamental.

Sex And The City 2 [Perseus Books]

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