Shane West Gives Speech at Mandy Moore's Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony, Recalls How He Tried to Convince Her to Like The Clash 

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My main takeaway from Shane West’s (otherwise very sweet) ode to Mandy Moore at her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on Monday is “Goddamn, how many men throughout this poor woman’s life have tried to bully her into liking their penis-gazey music???”

According to Page Six, West warmly recalled their time as co-stars on A Walk to Remember, a movie I must to constantly remind myself was not The Notebook:

“We could not have been more opposite when we met,” West, 40, said in a speech. “I was busy wearing ill-advised clothes and having dubious hair choices and eyeliner in my garage punk band, or whatever that was, and you were killing it on the pop-star scene … I was trying to get you to listen to the Clash and the Ramones. You were not interested but you were very sweet about it. You stuck to your Fleetwood Mac, always Fleetwood Mac.”

What if…we just let Mandy Moore listen to whatever she wants? ANYWAY, the rest of West’s speech was extremely kind:

“Mandy, you’re an absolute gem, your smile is ridiculous, seriously, it’s ridiculous, it lights up a room when you walk in, your energy is irresistible and your heart is second to none,” he said. “I always knew you were incredibly talented and I always knew you would go on to do big things, amazing things and you have. Here you are about to be immortalized on Hollywood Boulevard … I couldn’t be more proud of you, I couldn’t be happier for you.”

Aw YOU GUYS. This is so cute I’ll try to remember the difference between your movie and The Fault In Our Stars for at least the next week!

[Page Six]

Since we all read the Vogue profile, we know that Justin and Hailey Bieber are taking their marriage very seriously, and it seems like they’ve got their work cut out for them. As such, Justin announced on Instagram today that he’s taking some time off before he makes another album. Fair! But when he does, it’s gonna be “kick ass,” because his “swag is undeniable” and his “drive is indescribable.”

Also, this could be read as a hint that his next album is going to be a baby, so stay tuned for that.

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