Sigourney: Jim Cameron Didn't Win Oscar Because He's A Dude

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“Jim didn’t have breasts, and I think that was the reason.” [Page Six]

  • Kitty Kelley‘s unauthorized biography of Oprah claims: “She is 56 years-old, she would almost have to be described as ‘asexual’ because she has put all of her sexual energies into her work, into her career, into building her empire and the financial rewards that she has gotten have been enough, really, to sustain her.” [Reuters]
  • In the Kitty Kelley biography, some of Oprah‘s relatives say that Oprah’s stories about poverty and sex abuse are lies. Her cousin claims that O was actually relatively “spoiled” as a little girl. “Where Oprah got that nonsense about growing up in filth and roaches I have no idea.” [NY Post]
  • Justin Bieber in Teen Vogue: Skateboarding while wearing a tuxedo shirt and a bow tie. [ONTD]
  • Leonardo DiCaprio went to Haiti on Sunday morning, but first spent Saturday night partying in Miami with Q-Tip, Bar Rafaeli, Janet Jackson and Busta Rhymes. [Gatecrasher]
  • Shakira is in Haiti, visiting with children and babies living in makeshift tents on a golf course. [NYDN]
  • Breaking: Jessica Simpson Tweeted a picture of herself with short, Carol Brady hair. Is it a wig? Magic 8 Ball says All Signs Point To Yes. [NYDN]
  • Are Jude Law and Sienna Miller engaged — for the second time? And did he give her the same ring he gave her in 2005? [Contact Music]
  • Apparently Sandra Bullock once met the woman who settled a sexual harassment lawsuit against Jesse James. But it’s hard to focus on the point of this story because I saw the comment from “Ann” which reads: “Sandra Bullock: mid-40s, no kids, dating complete losers. Says more about her than him.” What is wrong with people? America is fucking doomed. [TMZ]
  • Merilee Gerth, the 5th lady who claims she had an affair with Jesse James, “saved a shirt that had his DNA on it.” Shudder. [Radar Online]
  • Mark your calendars: Michelle “Bombshell” McGee is hosting a Bad GIrl’s Night Out party at the Fontainebleu hotel in Miami next week. [TMZ]
  • Nice headline, CBS News: “‘Bombshell’ McGee: Affair Was No ‘Booty Call'”
  • Moments before he was due to perform at Sea World in San Antonio, Texas, Bret Michaels was rushed to the hospital with stomach pains. The official diagnosis is appendicitis, but fear of orca attack did come to mind. [Us Magazine]
  • Bret Michaels had an emergency appendectomy, remains in the hospital and is “beginning the recovery process,” according to his rep. [People]
  • Glee‘s Jane Lynch on being engaged: “It’s just the greatest thrill in the world to find somebody that you want to be with every day.” [People]
  • Chace Crawford will not, repeat, not be in the remake of Footloose. [ET]
  • Contrary to what he heard yesterday, this report claims that Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner have not split. [Us Magazine]
  • Ouch! Pamela Anderson owes $493,000 in personal income taxes. [AP]
  • Maksim Chmerkovskiy says that Kate Gosselin “doesn’t get the point” of Dancing With The Stars. “The show is about finding a way to come out, enjoy yourself and have fun. Kate needs to trust [her partner].” [Us Magazine]
  • Kate Gosselin was asked what she’s looking for in a man, and said: “Somebody that can deal with really heavy baggage… older, wiser.” Then she said, laughing: “You just trapped me! I’m not looking for anybody.” [Radar Online]
  • Sounds like much of the drama on the new season of Jersey Shore will come from Ronnie and Sammi, who are lovey-dovey, then flirting with other people, then getting in fights, then storming out of clubs, and so on. [Radar Online]
  • There will be a Jersey Shore spinoff in Boston, called Wicked Summer. [E!]
  • America Ferrera will executive produce Pedro & Maria, a “multicultural, interactive telenovela” in development for MTV. The show will be a bilingual, modern-day version of Romeo & Juliet, which could be cool. [AP]
  • Kate Walsh‘s divorce: Final. [TMZ]
  • Nas was in court yesterday and was ordered to pay Kelis almost $50K in back child support and $40K in back spousal report. He also has to pay Kelis $10,000 a month in spousal support. Bet he’s singing, “If I ruled the world…” [TMZ]
  • Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin will star in a reality show, Harry Loves Lisa, and their daughters, 11-year-old Delilah and 8-year-old Amelia, will also be on the show. The kids will make $2,000 per episode, btw. [Radar Online]
  • Dr. Conrad Murray has an interesting legal defense which involves claiming that he first saw Michael Jackson as a Nevada patient and not a California client, since Dr. Murray did not have medical malpractice coverage in California. [TMZ]
  • Selena Gomez denies that she is dating Nick Jonas and says: “I’m young and I really should kind of date myself for a while — I should probably focus on myself a little bit.” [Mirror]
  • Vivica A. Fox, 45, has a “boy toy” named Slimm, who is 26. But she’s “questioning” whether he is “grown enough to handle her.” [Page Six]
  • Kirstie Alley‘s 17-year-old son, True, is engaged. She says: “True’s got a level head. He’s a good guy. He’s very monogamous, and he’s very sweet with her. You know, I was married at was I was just 19 years old and that didn’t work. Then I was married when I was 30 years old and that’s when everyone said you should get married and that didn’t work. So, I don’t think I’m an expert on the subject. So, I think if somebody’s in love and wants to be married then let them be in love and get married.” Good point. [Extra]
  • Andy Dick 911 Call: ‘He’s Absolutely Loony.'” And: “He’s definitely wasted… He’s really off his rocker. He looks like a rich white man.” [TMZ]
  • Kevin Eubanks is saying farewell to Jay Leno and The Tonight Show. [TMZ]
  • Details of Cameron Douglas‘ downward spiral: “Most of the kids on the [football] team picked on Cameron severely because he was Michael Douglas‘ son.” He experienced neglect: “Several letters say Cameron Douglas was left in the care of nannies while his father put his acting career first. His mother became so fanatical about wildlife preservation, she tried keeping an ocelot in the family’s New York apartment until it bit Cameron and was sent back to the preserve.” He went to boarding school and tried pot. Then coke, then “a series of rehabs.” Then heroin, and meth. More at the link. [AP]
  • Brits! Can you translate this item about Matt Lucas into American English? It reads: “The Little Britain star, who is a massive Gooner, has been going for discreet personal coaching at a five-a-side centre in central London, and I’m told he’s surpringly[sic] fleet of foot, very handy on the ball and has a lovely finish.” [The Sun]
  • Actress Laura Harring — who just did a stint as Chuck Bass‘s mom on Gossip Girl — says that David Lynch is working on a sequel to Mulholland Drive. [Perez]
  • Speaking of Chuck Bass, Ed Westwick is “devastated” that his girlfriend Jessica Szohr was seeing some other dudes behind his back. Ed, baby, you’ve got a shoulder to cry on over here. [Gatecrasher]
  • Bobby Brown is heading to court on June 24 in an attempt to lower his child support to Kim Ward, mother of two of his children.The reason: Brown says he has no source of income and can’t afford the $5,500 a month he dishes out to his baby mama.” [Gatecrasher via Contact Music]
  • Anna Friel and Joseph Cross: Living together. [ONTD]
  • Like Pink Floyd? Check out this piece about Roger Waters “rebuilding” The Wall. [USA Today]
  • Charlotte Church is engaged to marry boyfriend Gavin Henson. [Telegraph]
  • What does Adam Lambert do with panties that are thrown at him on stage? “Well, that’s an interesting question. I mean, what do you do with the panties? You don’t know where they’ve been. There’s really no place in my suitcase for spare panties so I tend to kind of acknowledge them and throw them back. I think it’s more about the act of throwing them then it is about the actual panties. It’s the gesture.” [JustJared]
  • “It was one of those things I always struggled with, I never felt that I really nailed it. There was always a hint of Sean Connery and Roger Moore that was so indelible in my own mind.” — Pierce Brosnan, when asked about playing James Bond. [Daily Express]
  • “The American People are witnessing the greatest lie that is cleverly orchestrated by President Obama and his whole administration… President Obama feeds people poison… [Obama uses] a socialistic, Marxist teaching, and with it, he rapes this nation…” — Jon Voight. It goes on like that in a video at the link. The worst part is that Midnight Cowboy is such a great film. [Perez, Page Six]
  • “I like it all, but I’m finding that certainly music introduces me to a whole new group of people that I really, really like. It uses another part of my brain and it’s just another experience for me, another discipline that’s really fun and unusual. I much prefer playing music. Because comedy, you’re on stage, it never stops. It never stops being worrying. But a song lasts three minutes.” — Steve Martin loves playing banjo and is on tour with his bluegrass band. [AP]
  • “When you get married, you make a commitment. I had a lot of girlfriends, but it’s not the same as cheating. I don’t cheat. I am very open about what I do… Sandra Bullock’s husband looks like a real creep. I think that when you are in a relationship, you should be honest. The real immorality of infidelity is the lying.” — Hugh Hefner. [Page Six]
  • “At my lowest, I was a robot — I just didn’t feel anything. I had no maternal feelings for him – it was just awful. I had no thoughts of harming him, thank God, but I couldn’t connect, and still, when I look at pictures of him at three-months-old, I don’t remember that time.” — Gwyneth Paltrow on her post-partum depression following the birth of son Moses. She says it was husband Chris Martin “who said out loud that something was wrong.” “And that was such a relief when he did, because it was confirmation that it wasn’t just me.” [Mirror]
  • “My people called and said I might have to tame my tweets a little. So here goes…I’m going to make a sandwich now. peanut butter.(sigh).” — Jim Carrey, via Twitter. [Access Hollywood]
  • “Well, I ate my inoffensive sandwich with an acceptable glass of milk and took the dogs out, while avoiding any controversial thought. Then I was sexually assaulted by Ben Roethlisberger! I can’t be certain but it sure looked like him! Good thing I’m a Steelers fan!” — Jim Carrey, via Twitter. [Access Hollywood]
  • “I love sex and I’m very good at it, but I’m saving that. That’s for my future boyfriend from now on. And it will be fabulous.” — Ashley Dupre, who is on the cover of Playboy. [NYDN]
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