Simon Pegg Wants Straight Men to Start Snuggling Each Other


Actors/writers Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have been close friends for a long time. Just how close are they? Well, there was a time, back before either of them had any money, when Simon needed a place to stay and Nick offered to share his bed. Imply all you want. The pair are comfortable enough in their friendship, confident enough in their heterosexuality and entirely unpanicked by the idea that someone might think they’re gay, so they don’t care.

As Simon told Conan, “Any guy who doesn’t know where he is in the world — sleep with your best mate and you’ll know. If you feel a little bit excitable, yeah, okay, let’s do that. If not, it’s fine and you can sleep with your best friend forever. I think every straight man should sleep with another straight man…just so he can stop being so uptight about gay people, basically.”

And here he is talking about the 12 stages of drunkeness. I love him so damn much, you guys.

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