Siri Is Not Down with the Movie Her


Over the past couple weeks, nearly every friend I have (ALL THREE OF THEM) has invited me to go see the new Spike Jonze movie Her and for reasons even I don’t understand, my impolite response has continually been one of aggressive disinterest. I dunno — I’m sure Her is good and all, but the fact is that it fails to include the two things that will motivate me to pay to see a movie in the theater (teens learning witchcraft or teens fighting each other to death in arena) so I can’t really fathom why I should care. And I’m not alone! Siri, the sexy knowledge navigator on your iPhone who partially inspired Her, is also not all that interested. Don’t believe me? Ask her.

But SUDDENLY Siri gets polite like she isn’t the sassy bitch who started talking shit in the first place:

And then she tells me to stop using her as a crutch and form my own opinion.

Fine. I’m still not seeing that goddamn movie though.

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