Sisters' Wheelchair Dance Routine Will Short-Circuit Your Emotions


Kentucky sisters Quincy and Gracie Latkovski recently performed at JAMfest Super Nationals, a dance competition that drew 4,000 participants. Rather than simply bust out a few ribbons, however, they destroyed the audience with a number featuring “Reflection,” a mirror, and two wheelchairs.

HLN reports that, due to cerebral palsy and cystic fibrosis, nine-year-old Gracie gets around via motorized wheelchair. But she and her older sister Quincy actually incorporated it into their performance to the song from Mulan, which Gracie picked. Sample lyrics: “Look at me—you may think you see who I really am, but you never know me.”

“I love dancing and want to show that I can do anything everyone else can because I believe in my dreams,” Gracie told a local news outlet.

Between this and Lupita’s “no matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid,” I’m done. I’m just done.

(h/t the Daily Mail)

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