Slap happy!


We always thought that if we ever in the unfortunate position of having to be a prostitute, that we would be a dominatrix, because at least that way, we’d get to humiliate men for a living (yay!) and we wouldn’t have to have sex.

How utterly horrid to find out, from a real live former dominatrix, that we might have to give hand-jobs!

Also, our parents might not be too happy to find out that not only did we once ram pins into men’s willies for a living, but now we’ve written a book about it:

“Besides, being a dominatrix was never going to be what I did for ever. My family will be pleased to hear that, particularly my mother, who has only just found out about my career. I’m from a nice, conservative Jewish area of Toronto; she’s a teaching assistant and my dad’s an accountant. She just can’t understand why her daughter would want to do what I’ve done — then write about it so explicitly. They think it somehow reflects on them; that people will think there was something wrong with them as parents.
…..I suppose there aren’t many mothers who want to read about their child’s sexual experiences in such detail.”

Really? You think?

[we’ll keep up the day job for now

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