Snoutless Hero Dog Returns Home to Philippines for Infinite Table Food


A bona fide hero dog from the Philippines was given a lavish homecoming party earlier today after spending eight uncomfortable months at the vet’s office in the United States. Yes, even hero dogs hate going to the vet, especially when such visits involve reconstructive surgery.

Kabang, a two-month-old mixed breed, returned home after a medical odyssey that began when she jumped in front of a motorcycle in order to save two little girls. It was a completely badass act of canine bravery, but it cost Kabang her entire snout, which U.S. doctors were unable to reconstruct after eight months of surgery (that expensive trip to the States, meanwhile, had been globally crowdfunded to the tune of $27,000, because everyone everywhere loves dogs, apparently).

No matter — Kabang is a local legend now, and was greeted in the Manila airport by an army of eager photographers and fans eager to pet her and absorb some of her heroic essence. She will now get to go home and be fed all the table scraps, employing the ever effective begging tactic of, “Hey, remember when I saved those kids and became permanently disfigured as a result of my selfless heroism? Yeah, so, I’ll be taking that chicken, thankyouverymuch.”


Image via AP, Bullit Marquez

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