Some Paddington 2 Thinkpiece Ideas


“We Need to Talk About Bears Not Being Able to Talk: Holding Paddington 2 Accountable for Its Lies”

“Paddington’s Relentless Marmalade Propaganda Will Give Your Eyes (and Children) Diabetes”

“Why Paddington and Knuckles’s Prison Coupling Is the Queer Love Story We Need Right Now”

“How Paddington 2’s Cheerful Depiction of Prison Is Complicit in the Carceral State’s Injustices”

“Yaaaaas Paddington, No Qween: How a Talking, Winning Bear Smashes the Patriarchy…and Monarchy?”

“Queering the National Lines: I Can’t Remember If Hugh Grant Is Gay or Just British and Paddington 2 Sure Isn’t Helping!”

“The Weinstein Company Was Supposed to Release Paddington 2; What Happened Next Will Totally Amaze You (If You’ve Been in a Coma for the Past Six Months)”

“Spoiler Alert Yellow, Feminist Alert Red: How Judy Brown’s Change in Direction for her High School Journalism Project in Paddington 2 Fails Women”

“Paddington 2 Proves That You Can Get Away with Fucking Up Anything As Long as You Do It in a Virtuosically Rube Goldbergian Way and Are Also a Bear”

“Can a Bear Consent? What About a Bear with Highly Expressive Eyes? What About a Bear with Highly Expressive Eyes Who Can Talk?”

“Paddington Invented a Genius Window-Washing Hack (Soaping Yourself Up and Rubbing Your Copious Fur Against the Glass) and Nothing Will Ever Be the Same”

“Paddington’s Aunt Lucy Said, ‘If You Look for the Good in People, You’ll Find It,’ But I Don’t Want Any Bear Looking at Me for That Long and It’s My Right as a Human to Say So”

“Paddington Is Polite; The Bear That Ate My Family Wasn’t”

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