Justin and Hailey Bieber Kick Off Wedding Festivities by Terrorizing Hotel Guests

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Justin and Hailey Bieber Kick Off Wedding Festivities by Terrorizing Hotel Guests

Most people are not extravagantly wealthy celebrities with hordes of Instagram influencer friends who can splurge on last-minute wedding accommodations at popular South Carolina resort towns. Most people spend quite some time piling their money up until they can take a vacation with their kids in a minivan that barely works. It’s an escape from their hellish job for the weekend, and it’s the first time many have treated themselves since the kids were born and life overwhelmed the simple pleasure of relaxing. I’m also assuming quite a lot—I’ve never been to luxury resorts in Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina. Maybe those people are huge dicks!

Anyway, Justin and Hailey Bieber have crash-landed in the area and are allegedly ruining everyone’s vacations. As TMZ reports:

The Montage hotel sent guests an email, obtained by TMZ, informing them their stay will have some pretty big hiccups. The email was sent late Wednesday, and some of the guests are angry they’re getting such late notice. According to the email, Montage guests are barred from using the spa, a pool and a fancy restaurant for 48 hours while the Biebers enjoy unlimited access during their destination wedding. The heavy restrictions are in place from noon Sunday to noon Tuesday — so say goodbye to Sunday Funday.

TMZ also reports that the Montage will be distributing refunds and re-bookings to angry guests. It’s absolutely not the point here, but now sounds like a great time to scam yourself into some luxury accommodations! If I were in South Carolina, I’d put on my best beach coverup, maybe an oversized sun hat, and go cry in the lobby about my ruined vacation. With the chaos of the wedding, they might not even check to see if you’re even a real guest! (Or maybe I’ve watched too many spy movies.) [TMZ]

Here’s a weird one: Aubrey O’Day alleges that a flight attendant forced her to strip on an airplane to punish her. In a series of tweets, she claimed that a steward on an American Airlines plane had her wear her shirt inside out, because he “didn’t like [it],” before the plane took off.

American Airlines later got in touch with O’Day on Twitter and asked for more information, to which she responded: “I gave you his name. I literally have no interest in dealing with your airline any further.” Neither O’Day nor American Airlines responded to People’s request for comment. [People]

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