Good for Sophie Turner

On Friday, Sophie Turner was spotted engaging in iconic divorced behavior: ripping cigs and smooching a girl.

Celebrities Sophie Turner
Good for Sophie Turner

On Friday, Sophie Turner sent Twitter into an absolute tailspin. No, we still haven’t learned what exactly was done on Joe Jonas’ ring camera. We do, however, get to feast our eyes on the splendor that is our divorced legend kissing a girl.

Turner—who’s reportedly been dating an aristocrat named Peregrine John Dickinson Pearson—was photographed out and about in London’s Notting Hill with a gal pal who’s been identified as Tabitha Doherty. The pair were spotted having a lively chat, sharing a ciggy and, yes, smooching each other goodbye.

Now before we get all excited, multiple outlets have already reported that Doherty is only a friend. I know, I know. If the Daily Mail isn’t airing on the side of sensation and crass speculation on Turner’s sexuality, she probably is just having a girls’ day out. Then again, it’s impossible not to notice that Doherty has her hand on Turner’s knee and is quite literally holding a straw to Turner’s lips in some photos. To little ol’ delulu me, it’s giving “history will say they’re just best friends.”

So, who is Doherty? Well, according to her LinkedIn, she’s an account manager for a lifestyle communications agency that partners with restaurants, food and drink brands, bars and hotels. Could she be helping Turner get her bag somehow? Maybe! I’d likely buy a bottle of wine from Turner if it’s the wine Turner chugged like this.

Since October—a little under two months after her divorce from Jonas made for a lot of mean headlines—Turner has reportedly been dating Pearson, a British blue blood and literal viscount (yeah, those exist outside of Bridgerton). They, too, were photographed kissing and, weeks later, taking a stroll hand-in-hand. According to Us Weekly, things are getting serious between the pair though it’s “too soon to tell if there’s long-term potential.”

Meanwhile, Jonas seems to have retired the whole Best Dad Ever routine which, at times, seemed like it was designed to make Turner appear as bad as possible while he was on tour with his brothers. Apparently, though, Jonas is suddenly fully supportive of Turner’s new romance. Nice!

After all of the scrutiny Turner’s faced in the last few months, it’s heartening to see her thriving (and kissing). Do I hope to someday learn she’s dating both the aristocrat and her…friend? Hell yeah.

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