Stars Spread Their Scents; Noemie's "Friends" Dish To The Tabs

  • Jessica Simpson‘s latest scent? “Fancy Nights.” Fancy! [People]
  • As to Antonio Banderas7th scent? It’s called “The Secret” and is set to be “his biggest yet.” [WWD]
  • Antonio is a slacker compared to Paris Hilton, whose 10th scent — “Tease” — comes out this summer, and was inspired by Marilyn Monroe (whatever that means, since Marilyn famously wore Chanel No. 5.) [People]
  • Admit it: You want to sleep on sheets designed by Beyoncé and her momma. [Luxist]
  • Profits at Urban Outfitters: Up. [WWD]
  • Naomi Campbell loves Kabbalah! “It reminds me of AA, but just with different words. They’ve got the same principles.” [Page 6]
  • Lady Gaga‘s awesomely dowdy Carnegie-Hall-getup was, apparently, custom CK. [WWD]
  • Noemie Lenoir‘s suicide attempt has prompted a lot of “concern” from “friends” eager to reveal the model’s “agony.” Of ex Claude Makelele, one “explains” to The Sun that, “sadly, he is not the settling-down type. He really doesn’t want to be part of a family unit at this stage.” [The Sun]
  • Others have come forward about Noemie‘s erratic behavior at the British Fashion Awards. Says an “onlooker,” “It was excruciatingly embarrassing…No one knew where to look, and she kept leaving the table. She is so stunningly beautiful but it was like watching someone fall apart in front of your eyes.” Thanks for that! [TimesUK]
  • Will H&M expand to Brazil, Argentina, and Australia? [BusinessWeek]
  • If you like mood rings, you’re gonna love mood nail polish! [StyleList]
  • “Q: There seems to be no connection between the fashions I see on runway models and the fashions that come down to us normal people. Where do the fashions for the masses come from — for example, today’s low-waisted pants, close-fitting, low-cut knit shirts, Capris and cargo pants?” Answer at the link: [WSJ]
  • Fox News is running a poll, asking whether “Victoria’s Secret Models Should Look More Like Real Women.” Obviously, the results will completely revolutionize the way Victoria’s Secret markets their company. [Fox News]
  • Um. The Zac Posen-decorated condo has been revealed. And it looks like he took style tips from Bobby Trendy. [Curbed]
  • Clothes-wise, Posen says he wants to show in Paris for Spring 2011 because “they understand my clothes.” [WWD]
  • This is ominous: “The footballers’ wives still matter – and they’ll be back with a vengeance at the World Cup.” Brace yourselves for WAG fashion! [Guardian]
  • Lizzie Jagger takes modeling tips from Jerry Hall. “My mother taught me to [get out of a car demurely.] She’s forever tutting at pictures of girls showing their knickers in the papers and muttering ‘she needs to go to etiquette school!'” [Telegraph]
  • Why did Helena Christensen never work out before three years ago? “It never really crossed my mind.” When she does exercise, it’s to Britney. [StyleList]
  • Is LVMH trying to unload Kenzo? Could be. [WWD]
  • Sessilee Lopez credits a Vogue documentary with increasing her opportunities. “It opened up doors for me and I got a Numéro cover, which is really hard to get as a woman of color. I’m the third woman of color to grace the cover of Numéro, so I pat myself on the back.” [New York]
  • Vogue editor at XXL, Andre Leon Talley, is psyched about Crystal Renn for Chanel: “[Karl] Lagerfeld had cast the show with a slightly more curvaceous model named Crystal Renn, not seen on any Chanel catwalk before. This in itself was groundbreaking for the house, but there was also the return of personality models encouraged to be themselves instead of robotic look-alikes.” []
  • Nordstrom had a bad quarter, but have still upped their year’s outlook. [The Street]
  • Contestants on Australia’s Next Top Model report that they were asked to lose weight. One of the show’s modeling scouts does not dispute it. “Hopefully, we have a range of body shapes, faces and personalities, but tall and slim is what works.” []
  • Says Miranda Kerr of her upcoming book Treasure Yourself, “It’s about encouraging young women to embrace their individuality. You may think it’s easy for me to say, but we all have insecurities. It’s important, as women, to get past all of that and let our talents shine.” What that has to do with this lingerie-and-sexyface photoshoot, we couldn’t say! [Just Jared]
  • Marc Jacobs had jury duty this week. Obviously, he wore a kilt. [Gawker]
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