Starz's New Ballet Drama Is Sex, Drugs, and Cabriole


Here’s your first look at Flesh and Bone, Starz’s upcoming ballet school drama from Breaking Bad writer/executive producer Moira Walley-Beckett. The trailer includes a flash of Sascha Redetsky (of Center Stage fame), chair throwing, and hyper-charged (and entirely cheesy) lines like, “I can’t do anything with some frigid small town virgin!”

From Suspiria to The Turning Point to Black Swan to the aforementioned Center Stage, dance schools have always held our cultural fascination. It’s easy to see why. Rigid rules mixed with extreme passion, volatile teachers, and highly competitive students tend make for excellently tense entertainment.

That said, unless Flesh and Bone can truly bring something exciting and new, I’ll probably be sticking to Australia’s teen-focused Dance Academy for my sinister dance school fix. Nothing against Flesh and Bone—I just enjoy hearing teenagers say “I can’t do the pas de deux! I got a crap partner!” in an Australian accent.

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