Stop Everything, the Trailer For Christopher Guest's New Mockumentary Mascots Is Here


Please excuse my inability to write a decent blog post right now because the trailer for Christopher Guests’s new Netflix mockumentary about a mascot competition called Mascots has been released and a whole lot of the gang we know and love from Waiting For Guffman and Best In Show and A Mighty Wind and For Your Consideration is back along with some new faces like Chris O’Dowd (who was in Guest’s HBO series Family Tree), Zach Woods, and Sarah Baker.

Did I mention the old gang? A lot of them (the actors, I mean) are back, and what’s interesting is that none of them are given character names on the movie’s iMDB page, which leads me to believe that many of them are returning characters from Guest’s other movies. Former Blaine resident Corky St. Clair (Christopher Guest) was confirmed to be in this film, but it’s looking like he might be joined by DQ enthusiast Libby Mae Brown (Parker Posey) and Corky/Barbra Streisand’s number one fan Steve Stark (Michael Hitchcock).

I mean, just watch Posey chew that gum in Waiting For Guffman:

And in Mascots:

Look at that chew! And what about this dialogue?!

PARKER POSEY: Mascots, they don’t die. They just hang in a closet.
SUSAN YEAGLEY: Yeah, ‘cause, it’s an outfit.
PARKER POSEY: It is, it’s an outfit.

She is Libby Mae Brown. She has to be. Mascots premieres this October on Netflix.

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