Strauss-Kahn Not Surprisingly Implicated In Prostitution Ring


French prosecutors dropped their investigation against Dominique Strauss-Kahn last week, but his name was only out of headlines for about 1.5 seconds. Now he’s accused of involvement in a prostitution ring that brought Belgian women to French hotels.

According to the AFP (via Herald-Sun), five men have already been arrested for pimping in connection to the ring, which brought women from Belgium to hotels in the French border city of Lille for the purpose of having sex with wealthy men. Investigators say they think Strauss-Kahn was involved, but in a “largely secondary” role. They plan to interview him, but “not in the near future.” DSK, meanwhile, demands to be interviewed immediately in order to “end insinuations and extrapolations that are dangerous and once again malicious.”

The New York Post, predictably, has a more potboiling version of the story, claiming that “a top French cop served as DSK’s personal pimp, organizing orgies for him in both France and New York.” The Post also says that the ring is accused of exploiting underage girls, though Strauss-Kahn apparently wasn’t involved with anyone underage. Pending investigation, allegations of DSK’s links to the ring remain just that — allegations. However, in light of his behavior at New York’s Sofitel, it’s not hard to imagine that Strauss-Kahn might assume every place he stays is stocked with sex partners.

New Sex Scandal Hits DSK [AFP, via Herald-Sun]
Top French Cop Arranged Prostitute-Filled Orgies For DSK: Report [New York Post]

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