Sunday Night Sign-Off: The Dirtiest, Prettiest Song You’ll Hear Today


Meet FKA Twigs. She was featured on Feministing’s Best Feminist Videos of 2013 list. She’s in the July issue of Dazed. And she just dropped a music video for her song “Two Weeks” earlier this week. Warning: those lyrics are spicy.

.Mic (formerly PolicyMic) has a great write-up on the dancer-turned-songstress, and why she’s a significant force in electronic music:

…Twigs makes herself as visibly responsible for her own work as possible. “I’ve always said, ‘No, sorry. It’s my song. I write the lyrics. I write the melodies.'” In her July profile with Dazed and Confused, she explains further her hope that people will identify her sound and recognize her as a producer who makes her own music. “It’s a tough industry … I’m finding the strength and confidence within myself … to do what I’m doing regardless.”

Her videos are bold and smart and offer a deliberate exploration of gender roles and sexuality. Her sound and aesthetic might not be for everyone, but she’s certainly used to treading her own path anyway.

Happy Sunday! Take it away folks!

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