Surprise, Surprise (?) More Olympic Athletes Tested Positive for Covid

Who could have seen this coming aside from everyone who saw this coming?? Plus offensive pizzas, skateboarder junk-slams, and more!

Surprise, Surprise (?) More Olympic Athletes Tested Positive for Covid
Photo:Yuichi Yamazaki (Getty Images)

Did somebody say “Olympics update: Day 2″?? Yes, in fact. It was me. And so!!

  • China’s mad at NBC for not including Taiwan or the South China Sea in the map it displayed of the country during the network’s Olympics broadcast. [Reuters]
  • And everyone’s mad at South Korean broadcaster MBC for displaying some truly bizarre text and images during Friday’s Parade of Nations in an attempt to help viewers recognize which countries were which. For Italy, the network showed an image of a pizza. For El Salvador, the logo for Bitcoin. For Romania, a picture of Dracula. Some of the imagery and text were pretty callous, like using an image of the Chernobyl disaster for Ukraine or “The political situation is fogged by the assassination of the president” for Haiti. [CNN]
  • Two golfers, American athlete Bryson DeChambeau and Spain’s Jon Rahm, tested positive for covid-19. [ESPN]
  • Two South African soccer players tested positive, too. At least 75 people somehow affiliated with the Olympics have received a positive covid test since arriving in Japan, six of whom were athletes. [The New York Times]
  • On top of it just being full-tilt deranged to hold the Olympics at all amidst an ongoing global pandemic, a tropical storm is expected to hit Tokyo on Monday or Tuesday. [The Hill]
  • China’s currently got the most gold medals out of any other country (6) as well as the most medals total. Other top contenders for the title of Mrs. Olympics Supreme (or however the fuck this thing works) are Japan (5 gold, 6 total), the United States (4 gold, 10 total), and the Russian Olympic Committee (1 gold, 7 total). [The New York Times]
  • Also, remember: The Russian Olympic Committee is NOT Russia even though it basically is. [The New York Times]
  • Thoughts and prayers to Peruvian skateboarder Angelo Caro Norvaez, who slammed his junk on a rail. At least he still managed to win the gold medal in Being Hot. No one can take that away from him. [Yahoo! Sports]

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