Suzi Analogue Is Styling


Suzi Analogue’s unapologetic creativity is evident as a producer of electronic music and proprietor of the record label Never Normal Records. When Jezebel recently caught up with her in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick, she also talked to us about how that all translates into her unique personal style.

Analogue, born Maya Shipman, was only 10 years old when she first began recording herself on tape, and ‘90s hip-hop and DJ culture heavily influenced her eclectic taste in music. As a teen, she told us, she remembers calling into radio stations and giving live shoutouts to her friends. It turned out not to be just for fun; slowly, she paved the way to a deep relationship with sounds and beats.

These days, she’s adding to her resumé a recently announced clothing line and creative collective, the Never Normal Soundsystem, through which she’s providing a space for other audiovisual enthusiasts to push the limits of their creativity. Check out more in her episode of Styling, above.

Senior Producer: Tracy Thompson. Associate Producer: Kayra Clouden. Director of Photography: Santiago Garcia.

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