Syrian Women Demand a Place in Talks to End Conflict


As fighting in Syria goes on, a 30-country delegation opened peace talks yesterday with a “testy exchange.” But a group of Syrian women have come together to demand an end to their country’s civil war, and a place in negotiations to implement peace there.

According to a joint statement made by the group last week, the fact that women and children have bore the brunt of the violence and displacement caused by this conflict has given them a unique right to both call for peace as well as determine how that peace is carried out. Their membership in local civil society and/or women’s organizations also lend them even more credibility as a valuable part of the discussion.

The joint statement outlines all of the group’s tangible demands for the peace process. Those who are interested can also watch the above video where participants in Syrian Women Group talk about what peace means to them. The UN Women Facebook group also has shareable stills with their quotes, a few of which are included before.

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