Taylor Swift Rejects Kanye's Song

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  • A “friend” of Taylor Swift says that the singer wants nothing to do with the song Kanye West claims he wrote for her.

“His ego is out of control,” says the friend, “If anything, Kanye should be singing a song that Taylor wrote, not the other way around. As far as Taylor is concerned, he can take his song and shove it.” For some reason I feel like we’ll find out if this is true or not at tomorrow night’s VMAs. [DigitalSpy]

  • Victoria Beckham has reportedly banned size zero models from walking in her show at New York Fashion Week, opting to hire “realistic and healthy-looking models” instead. [Mirror]
  • “Victoria takes her role as a figure in the public eye very seriously, and is well aware young girls look up to her,” says a source, noting that Beckham “was determined to use healthy looking models though, and insisted no one was smaller than a size four to six. The main thing, though, was that the models looked at the right weight for them, not underfed.” [Mirror]
  • Lily Allen has opened up about her “really difficult” pregnancy and says she’s been “living in fear” due to the miscarriage she had in 2008. [ContactMusic]
  • Fantasia Barrino cried while discussing her recent suicide attempt with Wendy Williams, explaining that “At the time I wasn’t really thinking about anybody because… nobody knows how heavy it (fame) is. You see the glitz and the glamour and you think they’ve got it, they’ve got it all, but a lot of times when you come into this industry you have a lot of people who say they’re there for you, but a lot of times they’re just there to get what they can get… Nobody was there to help me clean it up.” [ContactMusic]
  • Karl Lagerfeld “demanded” that a healthy meal from Nobu be delivered to him at a lunch being held in his honor at Lincoln Center, where the rest of the guests “ate stuffed chicken and quinoa salad.” It was also Lagerfeld’s birthday, but, as a source claims, “There was also to be no mention of Lagerfeld’s birthday. Karl doesn’t acknowledge birthdays, or his age.” [PageSix]
  • The FBI is investigating Britney Spears’ former manager, Sam Lutfi for harassing an aspiring actor and his family. [RadarOnline]
  • If you’d like to purchase the last thing John Lennon ever wrote (“To Karl, who strung me along, thanx, John Lennon, 1980,” to a sound technician), it will run you approximately $154,000. [PageSix]
  • “At one point in my life, I was a kid who was lost. I knew I wanted to do music, but, I dropped out of high school against my mother’s wishes, who happens to be a retired teacher. A lot of people told me it was the wrong decision, that leaving acting was the wrong decision. A lot of the things I was doing was not the smartest choices but passion is what drove me. I’m not advising you to drop out of school, I’m just advising you to follow your heart and if you really believe in something and you project that, I believe that it does come back to you, so, I aligned myself with great people which I feel like is the key to success and here I am.”-Drake [DigitalSpy]
  • Seinfeld’s Michael Richards is being sued for attacking a photographer last month. [TMZ]
  • Simon Cowell is upset that Lou Reed refused to let Susan Boyle sing “Perfect Day” on America’s Got Talent last week, causing Boyle to get extremely upset: “This is so petty, so pathetic,” Cowell says, “Loads of people have covered this song. This is a fantastic version. He’s now saying, ‘If I’d have known, I’d have given permission.’ Well Lou, if you’re listening: Do we have permission to put the song on next week?” [TheSun]
  • Angelina Jolie says her children help her prepare for her trips as a Goodwill Ambassador: ‘I tell my children why I’m going and I explain to them, why I was packing flashlights and food. They help me pack things. It helps them to be better people to understand a little bit about the world.” [DailyMail]
  • “When other people used it, it was boring because they were trying to be safe, be politically correct. They gave you the presentation they were taught to give you after they were prepped for publicity. What I gave you was some of the things I’ve seen that were entertaining topic-wise – things that made me laugh. I think it’s healthy to smile. Even though I may have the persona as one of the darkest people in hip-hop culture, you seen me smile as often as – probably more often as – somebody you seen placed in that category.”-50 Cent, on Twitter. [DigitalSpy]
  • Noomi Rapace has snagged a starring role in Sherlock Holmes 2 alongside Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law. [HollywoodReporter]
  • Vanessa Williams had to be talked into joining the cast of Desperate Housewives because she was so upset with the show over how they treated Alfre Woodard’s character: “She had her son in chains in the basement. It was like, ‘Really? Do we have to go there with our first black character?’ I honestly fell off the show after that. I think it was just so implausible and just an image that black folks don’t want to see – their child chained and shackled in the basement.” [ContactMusic]
  • Katy Perry says that she and Russell Brand dress down when they don’t want to be recognized in public: “My boyfriend and I go bike-riding all the time. We go to the movies and don’t have to rent the theater out. There’s a certain magnet that you turn on and off – it’s called hat and sunglasses, and not wearing glittery outfits.” [ShowbizSpy]
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