Teacher Gave Middle-Schooler a Lap Dance Because Students Urged Her To


A middle-schooler in Texas was violated when his teacher interrupted his third-period class to give him a full-contact lap dance at, she says, the urging of other students in the course. Because when kids say “give the birthday boy a lap dance,” you listen. You don’t want to be the one with the bad reviews on ratemyteacher that say “Mrs. Smith isn’t cool. Everyone else is giving kids lap dances, what, does she think she’s better than everyone? OH AND MOBY DICK SUX.”

Honestly? Awful. I recognize that stating that teachers shouldn’t be giving their students lap dances isn’t a controversial opinion, but I’m concerned that the articles that I’ve read about this incident seem to have a tongue-in-cheek “man, this kid must have been PUMPED” tone, when I wonder if the boy in question was less pumped and more terrified that a trusted adult chose to surprise him for his birthday not with a new pencil or a notebook to journal his thoughts in, but a lap dance that included her rubbing her butt across his lap and swiveling around to put her head between his legs.

And the whole “kids urged me to do it” defense? They’re kids and you’re their boss and guardian at school! Kids’ whole job is to tell you to do the most stupid and outrageous things —I was in high school choir and we made our teacher say the word “pusilanimous” over and over before we would sing it — and your job isn’t to say “hmm, a lap dance might really liven up a Friday!” Your job is to shut that shit down.

Smith faces one charge: Improper relationship with a student. She is out on a $30, 000 bond. When asked by police about the lap dance she had provided, Smith reported she almost fell down several times as she tried to attempt the acrobatics of exotic dancing.

No information has been provided about the student who was molested nor was it immediately evident if he or his classmates were offered any type of counseling after the incident.

Image via Harris County Sheriff’s Office

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