Ted Cruz Made Heidi Cruz Play an Aladdin Song at Their Wedding


And here we have The Atlantic with a profile of Heidi Cruz, which I guess is supposed to humanize her and her terrible husband in advance of his Senate election against Beto O’Rourke.

Truly there is nothing you need to know about the personal trials and tribulations of Ted and Heidi Cruz—they met while working for the George W. Bush administration, largely see “eye to eye” on the kind of bigoted and anti-poor policies that the Texas senator has built a career on, are sometimes sad and struggle to find balance in their relationship—so instead let’s focus on the fact that the young couple, at Ted’s insistence, played a song off the Aladdin soundtrack at their wedding:

Which is how Heidi found herself planning a May wedding to a man who, for all his pretension, insisted they play “A Whole New World,” the popular Disney song, at the end of the ceremony. She didn’t understand: They had a band, she told him—a violinist, no less! Why on earth would they play a CD? “Because no one can do Aladdin,” he said. She relented, and it became a theme of sorts. Or that’s how she remembers it, anyway. On a magic carpet ride.

And now she is glad he did:

“And I do appreciate that Ted started our life together with that song, because there’s some truth to it.
“He’ll be like, ‘It’s such a great life! We have so much adventure ahead! It’s like our magic-carpet ride,’” she continued. “And sometimes I’m like, ‘I hope we don’t hit the cement.’”


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