Teens Allegedly Gang-Raped a Girl, Posted It on Facebook


It’s Steuvenville redux, with some extra violence thrown in for kicks: three Chicago teens are accused of gang-raping a 12-year-old girl at gunpoint and, implausibly, posting the video to Facebook.

According to court documents, 16-year-old Scandale Fritz invited the tween over, took her down to his basement, and proceeded to rape her and demand she have sex with his two friends. When she said no, he threatened her with a gun. Fritz was apparently creatively inspired by the horrific incident: he filmed his two friends raping her and then posted the video to multiple Facebook pages. Thanks for the evidence/reminding us that humans are fucking evil.

Prosecutors say all three boys are visible on the footage, on which the girl is clearly heard asking them to stop. More (very disturbing) details from the Chicago Sun Times:

The girl had gone to Fritz’s house on 60th Place that afternoon to talk to him, and when she went inside, she saw Brown, with a gun in his pocket, prosecutors said. Fritz took the girl downstairs in the house and after she declined his demands for sex, he raped and sodomized her, prosecutors said.
Brown and Applewhite came down to the basement, and Fritz demanded the girl have sex with the other two boys, prosecutors said. At first, the girl refused, but she saw that Brown had a gun in his pocket, and so they sexually assaulted her and forced her to perform sex acts on them.
Fritz videotaped the sex acts, including Brown holding a gun during sex, and all three of the boys shouting gang slogans, prosecutors said. All three of the boys are visible in the video, with Fritz entering the frame when he turns the camera toward himself.

The girl went to the hospital and told police what happened the next day. It’ll be interesting to see how the boy’s lawyers argue that the twelve-year-old was somehow asking to be raped at gunpoint on camera when they’re back in court (where they’ll be tried as adults) on June 6th.

[Chicago Sun Times]

Image via Pan Xunbin/Shutterstock.

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