Thanksgiving Night Social: Traveled Down the Road and Back Again


It’s Thanksgiving night, and hopefully you’ve had your fill of relatives, if not whatever food traditions you and yours might have. It’s time to reflect on our thankfulness, so I’ll start: I am thankful for Finally Aaron’s remix of the Golden Girls theme song, which I have thought about at least once a day for two years or so (it was so long ago it was on VINE, RIP). I am thankful for my favorite t-shirt, an amalgam of Golden Girls and Lil Kim. And I’m thankful for you, our readers, for being friends, traveled down the road and back again, as our pals and our confidantes—OOHWOAHAH WOAH-AH WOAH-OH-OHA-OH-AHHH!

Have a great (and grateful) Thursday. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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