The 2018 Latin Grammys Red Carpet Was Positively Dripping With Glamour (Drip Drip) 


I don’t know if it’s because 2018 is the year of the Latinx glow-up or what, but Thursday night’s Latin Grammys red carpet was better than it’s been in years—mi gente came through drippin’, and no one kilt it more than double-winner Rosalía, above with the stunning Karol G, who performed in Gucci Flashtrek sneakers and a swan leotard and then accepted her award wearing a glimmering kimono pantsuit printed with an island landscape that I would literally shank someone to own myself. I would not shank Rosalía, mind you—I love her music too much—but I would definitely shank someone to own this. Someone tell me where she got this so I do not have to get violent.

Pedro Capo rolled through in the second-best suit of the night, representing viejos and domino tables. But the first best was, despite my instinctive aversion to Gucci as it has become increasingly basique, this spacey logo tracksuit on Victoria Kuhne. But it was Rosalía who murked it yet AGAIN, in this wispy, fantasy tulle that turned her into a bona fide cotton-candy princess. (Also, she is so cute! I love this vid!)

Ana de la Reguera rocked that YSL pouf like a cocktail waitress in Cabaret; Angela Aguilar’s gorgeous rose gown is very 14th century princess; Xenia Franca’s kelly green party frock meets the middle between Laura Ashley and disco diva.

Anitta’s ostrich-feather collar is cute, right? But I’m into Andrea Echeverri’s comrade ensemble too. ChocQuibTown’s Goyo, though, has destroyed us all in a layer cake of crimson tulle, while Bomba Estereo’s Li Saumet kept the red in her hair, with a complimentary mock turtleneck sequin dress in aqua. Give me sequin mock turtleneck anything, really.

Bad Bunny is repping his wrestling fanaticism in a Stone Cold Steve Austin tie—custom, to be sure—and there’s really no way we could love this dude more. He also destroyed the program itself, performing a medley amid flames and doing “Estamos Bien,” that interminable hit, with a gospel choir, of sorts. King among kings. Sky gave us a nicely fitting casual blue, while Diplo (with Walshy Fire) appears to be wearing a lurex turtleneck. Los Angeles, man, it does a number on you. Wilson Cruz (RICKY!!!) deserves his own Vegas dates in that smoking jacket, muy bien.

Claudia Prieto’s gown is no-doubt intricately crafted but, I’m sorry, I did a lot of googling of placentas this week (for a blog!) and your girl is serving afterbirth realness. Natalia Castellon and Vida Guerra have their vamp game on lock, unsurprisingly.

Green or some variation thereof seems like a fresh choice for a carpet. Adriana Paniagua’s gauntlets give a funny sort of modesty to her deep-cut neckline; Ana Mena is serving you deconstructed Jessica Rabbit; Chef Lorena Garcia is making the case for a nice velvet blazer; and Vanessa Añez is looking a lot like all the ‘90s rave stuff I stress-purchased on a couple weeks ago in an election-related bout of retail anxiety. Which is to say, I fucking love it!

Steve Aoki… please never stop doing you, my dude.

See! There was so much good on this carpet, man. Debi Nova’s fantasy-bird/Game of Thrones cosplay is inspiring me for holiday party season; Manu Manzo’s tiered ostrich frock shouldn’t work on paper, theoretically, but it is a dream duster; Michelle Galvan’s crocheted look is doing a lot of work but I have to respect it just because of the chutzpah of doing three textures and hues like this.

La Santa Cecilia is giving you moods for days.

These were the most traditional gowns out here and they’re not even! Aitana Ocaña’s liquid silver look is giving her android vixen vibes; Beatriz Luengo and Halsey did variations on the flapper bead, as did Lali Esposito, only she found a way to serve it to you with—are those bike shorts? Look, this is not my fave ensemble of the night, but you know this is most likely the type of thing I would have worn out of comfort, chutzpah, true spirit and not giving a fuck. Respeck.

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