The 30 Best Tweets About the MTV VMAs


Did you watch MTV’s Video Music Awards last night? Apparently, they were broadcast live from this magical place called Broo-ka-line where the cold brew coffee flows like water and Beyoncé rides her bicycle through the tree-lined streets like a pleb! There were loads of famous people there — a boy band called *N SYNC reunited as a man band, Taylor Swift told former lover Harry Styles to “shut the fuck up” and Miley Cyrus ate out a teddy bear. Wa-wa-wa-wiiiiild!

Even if you didn’t watch the VMAs because you don’t have a tv or are an ADULT with more important priories than watching some farce of an award show (you were watching Breaking Bad), chances are you heard something about them. Unfortunately, a lot of the information out there is crap, so I did you the favor of tracking down the best VMA twitter commentary of the night and following morning. Read on, have a chuckle, and go forward with the confidence of knowing that the next time someone asks you what you thought of the 2013 VMAs (it will come up), you’ll be able to rattle back the words of Twitter’s best and brightest instead of ever having to form an opinion of your own.

While we’re talking the VMAs, please check out my makeup tutorial on how to get the perfect VMA red carpet look!

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