The Best View Scandals Of 2010


Between landing the first-ever daytime TV interview with the President, Barbara’s new cow heart, Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s tears, and the kerfuffle with Bill O’Reilly, 2010 has been a banner year for the ladies on The View.

10.) Levi Johnston’s advances are rejected.

When the Wasilla mayoral candidate appeared took a seat at the Hot Topics table, he tried to ingratiate himself to the women by giving them flowers. Instead, the women tore into him with serious political questions, for which he was not prepared.

9.) Elisabeth calls Joy a “bigot.”

Because Joy said that prayer and faith are not logical. This very literal definition of faith was not acceptable to Elisabeth.

8.) Sherri Shepherd demonstrates her handjob technique.

7.) Elisabeth unwisely tries to take on Kathy Griffin.

And she basically just wrote herself into Kathy’s act.

6.) Babs returns with her new cow heart.

And she was feeling strong like bull.

5.) Elisabeth cries and realizes her five-year-old daughter is more mature than she.

A Jezebel staffer was in the studio audience for this!

4.) Michaele Salahi claims she was assaulted by Whoopi.

Before The Real Housewives of D.C. even premiered on Bravo, we got our first peek at Salahi insanity.

3.) Whoopi shows up high.

She took some sedatives for an international flight one weekend, which hadn’t worn off by the time Monday morning came around.

2.) Snookigate.

During their history-making sit-down with President Obama, Joy decided to quiz him on some pop culture. The scandal here, is that he pretended to not know who Snooki was.

1.) The Walk Off.

After he made disparaging remarks (by lumping all Muslims in with terrorists), Whoopi and Joy famously stormed off the stage in the middle of the interview, much to Babs’ chagrin.

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