The Crow Remake is Still On, Even Though Shit Keeps Happening to Stop It


Many, many moons ago, a remake of The Crow was reported to be underway. The original 1994 goth movie starred Brandon Lee — Bruce Lee’s son, who faced an eerie, untimely death when he was accidentally killed on set by a defective prop gun. The remake has been postponed under much less tragic, but still almost eerily unlucky circumstances. Now, production is scheduled to begin early next year.

Over the years, the remake has seen a fairly high turnover rate for its directors. /Film reports British filmmaker Corin Hardy got the gig last year after three other directors had left. “The Crow is happening,” Hardy told Entertainment Weekly. “I’m going to make it! We were making it, and it was going very well, until this Relativity situation occurred.”

Actors have come and gone from the film, too. Bradley Cooper had once been rumored to be stepping in the role of Lee’s Eric Draven, as had Tom Hiddleston, James McAvoy and Channing Tatum. Boardwalk Empire’s Jack Huston was the most recent star attached but he ended up leaving, as well.

From EW:

“That was to do with timing,” says Hardy, adding, with a laugh, “It’s another fresh start! Basically, keep watching, and early next year we’ll be cracking on again.”

Sounds like a nervous laugh to me.

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Image via Dimension Films.

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