The Curious Case of the Zendaya Comment: Who's the Real Idiot at E!?

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The fallout over Giuliana Rancic‘s Oscars night comments about Zendaya‘s hair continues, with some sources now saying that Kelly Osbourne warned the E! Fashion Police crew not to make critical comments and others claiming that it was Kathy Griffin who fed Rancic the “smells like patchouli oil… or weed” line. It’s a real whodunnit, like Mystery on the Orient Express only with vapid Hollywood talking heads.

According to US Weekly:

“They did the Zendaya segment three times,” the insider tells Us. “Three different takes. On the first two takes, Kelly said ‘Guys, we can’t say this. Zendaya is a friend of the show.'” (Indeed, Zendaya has previously appeared on Fashion Police more than once. Osbourne, meanwhile, tweeted publicly about her friendship with the Disney star after Rancic was called out for her comments.)
Despite Osbourne’s protests, the source tells Us that producers went ahead with the third and final take. “Giuliana said the words ‘patchouli oil’ and ‘weed’ three times,” the insider recalls, in front of an audience of about 30 people. “They all heard the three takes,” the source tells Us.

An E! rep denies that there were multiple takes of the segment, stating, “There was only one take of Giuliana’s comments. Kelly did let the group know Zendaya is a friend of hers.”

Meanwhile, internet detectives are arguing that Kathy Griffin was the first to add that Zendaya’s locs looked like they smelled like “weed” (you first hear the comments from an off-camera voice), but I’d argue that it doesn’t sound much like her, nor is it like her to not take responsibility for a joke, good or bad. The mystery continues and Zendaya still rules.

[US Weekly/ONTD]

Naya Rivera‘s husband Ryan Dorsey has commented on the odd timing of their birth announcement (the same day Rivera’s ex Big Sean released his new album), tweeting, “S/o 2 whoever sold the ‘news’ 2 the greatest ‘magazine’ in the world—OK Magazine, who informed us yesterday they were releasing it 2day…Even though it was way before we wanted to share…At the very least, thanks for the heads up, OK, so we could share it on our own. #Dadlife!”

Shoutout to whoever sold the news…wait, are you allowed to shoutout yourself? [E! Online]

Has Leonardo DiCaprio scorned Rihanna in favor of Dakota Johnson? Probably not, but let’s spin a yarn anyway! According to sources, DiCaprio was taken with Johnson at the SNL 40 after party. Life & Style reports that “during the bash, held at The Plaza Hotel, Leo barely glanced at rumored fling Rihanna. Instead, ‘he put his arm around Dakota and led her into the grand ballroom,’ a partygoer exclusively tells Life & Style. “He told her, “Let’s go look at all the celebrities.'”

It’s no Wanna go to a real party?, but w/e. [Life & Style]

  • Speaking of Fifty Shades of Grey actors, Jamie Dornan swears that he’s excited to be involved in the Fifty Shades sequels. It would be more convincing if you weren’t crying, Jamie. [Just Jared]
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  • Oh, heyyyyy, coach. Kyle Chandler is on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter. [ONTD]
  • Robin Thicke played piano in court. [Billboard]
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  • This trailer is my version of pornography. [ONTD]

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