The Daily Show Added a Nice, Full '70s Bush to Qatar's Vagina Stadium


Last Monday, the architectural firm behind the stadium being built for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar released a short animation to reveal what the stadium’s design will eventually look like — and what it will look like, turns out, is a giant metal vagina. Of course, that’s no cause for uproar. As my coworker Callie Beusman wrote, “Every city’s skyline looks like a row of shadowy phalli glinting in the urban smog. I think it’s about time we pay some architectural respect to the yoni.”

Jon Stewart echoed Callie’s sentiments on The Daily Show last night, remarking that one vagina building is a but a small step towards equality for our planet’s architectural genitalia. For her part, the stadium’s lead architect Zaha Hadid seems to be striving to make that equality a reality by continuously designing some of the world’s most vulvic buildings. Or as Jon Stewart put it, “She’s like the Georgia O’Keeffe of things you can walk inside!”

Still, while it’s cool that there might be a giant robot vagina in the middle of Qatar (and one that you can play soccer in, no less!), don’t you wish that it had a little more of a natural/unwaxed vibe? Don’t worry. The Daily Show has your answer for that, too.

The Daily Show
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