The Four Skits You Didn't See On SNL Last Night


Even though Betty White’s SNL episode was pretty much perfect last night, there were a few of us in the comments who were disappointed that Rachel Dratch’s Debbie Downer character didn’t show up. Turns out, she did, in dress rehearsal:

There were four sketches, in fact, that made it to the dress rehearsal, but not the actual show. One was Dratch’s Debbie Downer, who showed up to ruin a lingerie party. We also learn where Debbie gets her downer tendencies from—her grandma, Betty White:

Another was Molly Shannon’s joyologist, Helen Madden, who brought her friend, “Bedelia,” played by Betty White:

And yet another was a “Bronx Beat” segment, featuring Betty White, Andy Samberg, and of course, Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler:

And finally, a press conference featuring the alleged Times Square would-be car bomber, that was reportedly pulled after the script leaked out early:

While it’s too bad that most of these familiar characters didn’t get to make last night’s actual broadcast, the show that we did see was so great that it’s hard to get too upset about it, you know? And thanks to the internet, we know now that Debbie lives, and that she’s still a total downer.

A full roundup of last night’s show is now up, here, and for those interested, you can watch the entire episode here.

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