The Future, According to Charli XCX and Lizzo


Yeah, I think so: Charli XCX, “Blame It On Your Love” feat. Lizzo – The future, according to Charli XCX, looks like a lot of making out with reckless abandon at the rave. The music video for her latest single is a subtle parody of those celebrity-studded Calvin Klein underwear ads, except this one’s set in 2023 and features poly couples and people with dog-like faces and nymph-like ears. I don’t care for this song (“Track 10″ was better), but the video makes the future (which is just about four years away…) look freaky and fun, and I can get behind that. —Frida Garza

Sure: Ashley O (Miley Cyrus), “On a Roll” (video) — What we have here is Miley Cyrus making a good pop song for a Black Mirror episode that challenged the way pop stars milk empowerment feminism into branding. “On a Roll” was already quite a jam, a cheeky theme song worthy of a Power Puff Girls credits sequence, and now I’m cosigning the video, taking it at face value. The chorus sounds like she’s saying, “Yeah, I’m a ho,” instead of the more innocuous, “Hey yeah whoa-ho,” which only affirms its attempt to be devoid of meaning. May we all be so full of this much ambition and verve. —Clover Hope

Y: Charly Bliss, “Young Enough” – This might be my favorite song off the New York pop-punk band’s latest album, and the music video captures all the wonderfully manic energy of this relationship post-mortem. Does watching this make me to dance in a field or cry? The answer is a little of both. —FG

Y: Jarina De Marco, “Identity Crisis” – Through echoes of what I presume are memories of unwarranted advice her friends likely heard throughout her youth, Dominican singer De Marco sings “marry fair, stay out of the sun, bleach your skin, isn’t this fun?” This song, her third single from an upcoming EP, is hypnotic and fun in nature while smoothly tackling colorism and making light of things that can lead to serious identity crisis issues. Nothing better than a good listen that makes you think. —Ecleen Luzmila Caraballo

Y: DJ Snake, J. Balvin, Tyga, “Loco Contigo” – I’m convinced Balvin doesn’t sleep. He has a fresh collab in the oven every week, and is a standout in nearly each and every one. I am very into this colorful carnaval-esque video and elated that the colors aren’t all coming from his head for once! I could’ve done without Tyga’s “caliente, caliente, caliente…” (please, guys, learn other words if you absolutely must utter a word en español), but I’m into this overall. —ELC

N: Ciara, “Set” (video) – Aw naw, Ciara baby what you doing! —CH

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