The Haim Sisters Are Still Dancing

The Haim Sisters Are Still Dancing

They can no longer strut down desolate Los Angeles streets, or tear off layers of clothing as they make their way through the city’s restaurants, or do a little choreo in the middle of a disco dance floor, but Haim has made the social distancing music video work for them.

In the video for “I Know Alone,” a song from their album Women in Music Pt. III (brilliant title), due June 26, the sisters—Danielle, Este, and Alana, respectively—perform tightly synchronized choreography in what looks like an empty basketball court. And is it just me or do they look like they’re exactly six feet apart? “Been a couple days since I’ve been out,” Danielle sings, and it’s clear the song has come at a perfect time.

“Things were so crazy in the beginning when everything started happening that we didn’t think it felt appropriate to put out a new record,” the band said in a statement. “Now that things have settled a bit in this quarantined life, we’ve talked about it more and think we could all use new music during this time so we’ve decided to move up the album to June 26.”

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