The Kids Are Dressing Alright At Flipped Premiere


Flipped is based on the popular YA novel, so obviously it features an all-tween cast. And as a result, we were treated to an education in the full range of 9-14 fashion trends:

Jamie Lee Curtis goes for boldly clinging jersey. Apparently the first time she saw Christopher Guest was in a magazine; he was in Spinal Tap drag. The rest is history.

Penelope Ann Miller goes uber-feminine. As children, this is how many of us secretly plan to dress when we pick out all our own clothes; most of us change our minds.

Rebecca De Mornay goes for the ever-popular “baloon valances” effect.

If I were Sammi Hanratty‘s mother, I’d probably have pursed my lips and pronounced it too reminiscent of vintage lingerie. That said, in a grownup size, it’d be cute for the same reason.

Also retro-inspired – and adprable! – Ariel Winter‘s little number.

Madeline Carroll, ready for Ascot.

Who is the scary boy on Morgan Lily‘s shirt?

Stefanie Scott: the porcelain doll of many a girlhood dream.

Let’s hope that shantung isn’t chafing Ashley Taylor; it can be rough!

Wendelin Van Draanen channels a prom chaperone – magnificently.

Ryan Ketzn, obviously the coolest boy in the class.

[Images via Getty]

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