The Overwhelming Perfection That Is Cate Blanchett


Geneva’s “evening in Portofino” event gave us a chance not only to see all kinds of elegance, but to gawk at the sartorial magnificence that is Cate Blanchett.

Let us all admire the Hepburn-worthy chic that is Cate Blanchett’s crisp separates.

And wanna see her do British Royal, earlier in the day? You’re in luck!

Nowadays, you’re not “supposed” to match everything. But then you see Malin Jeffries and you kind of remember why people did it: it looks totally pulled together!

On anyone else, this would look ridiculous. Even on Elle Macpherson, it looks semi-ridiculous. But semi-ridiculous on her is a very different matter than on the rest of the world.

By nightfall, however, she was in totally elegant form.

I’m afraid I can’t comment objectively on Veronique Zidane‘s getup because her dress reminds me of this one clown doll of my little brother’s that always really freaked me out.

I can’t help wondering about Sharlely Beckerarrive (with Boris Becker)’s thought process: did she think what this tunic cried out for was Barbarella go-go boots? Or are those just her go-to everyday footwear, worn with everything?

[Images via Getty]

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