The Real (Rude) Housewives of Beverly Hills


Where other Real Housewives franchises might pretend to have the wealth of their Beverly Hills counterparts or hide their true net worths altogether, the women of the 90210 have a fetish for throwing money around and re-asserting their moneyed positions everywhere they go. While camped out at Domenico Dolce’s apartment—of Dolce & Gabanna notoriety—in Wednesday night’s Season 10 premiere, Lisa Rinna gushed about why she loves her new friend, Sutton Stack, so much: “When Sutton got divorced, she had no idea she’d be set for life. There are homes, private jets, and I think there’s a baseball team, or two!” Those feelings of warmth, however, often don’t extend to those existing outside the Housewives ivory tower.

In last night’s episode, while at a go-go bar in New Jersey, Lisa Rinna exclaimed that she could never see her daughters doing something as supposedly degrading as dancing at clubs for money. Later, while ordering drinks, Denise Richards took the time out of her leisurely afternoon to lecture the waitstaff at a New York City eatery about how little he knows concerning her favorite tequila. While prepping for a fashion show she seemingly had no involvement in, Kyle manically berated her staff and hired producers, throwing out clothing she claimed to have not approved. Producers caught her design staff exclaiming, as she left: “I am so pissed right now!”

As Dorit observed, while Kyle barks nonsensical orders to everyone within earshot, her friend has clearly purchased her way into New York Fashion Week. A luxury, sure, but also one that leaves her without skill, know-how, or even common sense. As for Denise and the galling way she spoke to a waiter certainly not being paid enough to be the subject of condescension on television, I wouldn’t say I’m shocked. Moreso, I’m mildly bemused that she dropped her “down home” sensibilities and the “regular girl” mask she wore for much of last season. (Newcomer Garcelle Beauvais, a breath of refreshingly honest air, apparently feels the same.) Meanwhile, Erika, who was at both the tense lunch with Denise and the go-go club with Lisa, observed: “Maybe if I grew up with wealthy parents, I wouldn’t be working at a place like Shakers.”

Watch the RHOBH cast lose all sense of decorum during the Season 10 premiere in the video above.

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