The Second Alleged Maryville Rape Victim Speaks: 'It Was Very Scary'


14-year-old cheerleader Daisy Coleman’s unnamed 13-year-old friend came forward to speak about the night in Maryville, Missouri that high school football players allegedly raped the two girls.

Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder released a statement earlier tonight calling for a grand jury in the case, and now we’re getting to hear from the second girl. The brave young lady’s name is Paige Parkhurst, and her story is heartbreaking stuff.

Sitting with her mother, Parkhurst tells America Tonight‘s Lori Jane Gliha about the night that changed her life, why she has decided to come forward now and what she hopes will come from the incident. From the transcript:

Me and a friend, she lived in Maryville. I didn’t see her very often. I actually went to Maryville for the night to see her. We were just kind of having a fun time, catching up, all of that, and she had been texting a guy named Matt Barnett, and he wanted us to hang out with him. So we snuck out and went to hang out with him.
And we got there, and they just started handing her drink after drink after drink. And they had separated us as soon as we got there. And another boy that was there with me, had taken me into another room, and had sexually assaulted me, after me telling him no, pushing him away. And after he was done, he made me go back out into the living room with him, and we sat and waited until Matt was done with Daisy. And I had walked into Matt’s room, and she was incoherent. She couldn’t walk, couldn’t talk, and just was talking like a baby pretty much.
… I was intoxicated before we left the house. She [Daisy] was also, but they gave her even more when she got there. They drug [sic] her out of his bedroom window, drug [sic] her to the car, and then they were going to drop us off, but they were freaking out, trying to think of how they were going to drop us off without any of her brothers waking up. And they took her and carried her to the back corner of her house and left her there. And they told me to go inside, that all she needed to do was to sober up, and that she would be okay, and they were gonna be there and watch her.
It was very scary. I was really confused and didn’t understand what was fully going on. I was in shock and really worried about my friend. It was freezing out. I don’t know. There was just a lot of things going through my mind.

You can read and watch the whole thing on Al Jazeera America.

[Al Jazeera America]

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