The Situation's Abs Will Dance With The Stars & Make $1M This Year


In 2010’s economy, college graduates will make less on their first job (around $47,673 a year) than those who got their degree last year. Jersey Shore‘s Mike Sorrentino, aka The Situation, is earning close to $60,000 an episode.

People used to say (and believe) stuff like “hard work is its own reward.” if you were dedicated, committed to putting in the labor and honing your skills, you’d go far. But today’s American Dream? Everyone wants to skyrocket to fame and fortune and become a household name while doing as little as possible. The Situation has mastered this method. While the acronym “GTL” and phrases like “grenades” are amusing, let’s be clear: no one is interested in Mike Sorrentino’s brain, imagination or sense of humor. The Situation has one asset: His abdominal muscles.

Our heavily Photoshopped, plastic surgery-obsessed society craves perfection, and Mr. Sorrentino’s abs come pretty close to looking like what is generally agreed upon as the pinnacle of desirability. And so we’re rewarding him. Handsomely.

A fitness video and chewable supplements are just the beginning: These abdominal muscles are writing an autobiography; endorsing a new vodka; releasing a GTL app and a rap song on iTunes; making deals with Vitamin Water and Reebok and starting a clothing line. Oh, and this just in: The Situation will join the cast of Dancing With The Stars.

It’s not that The Situation didn’t put in some work to get that taut tummy: Surely he did, and continues to maintain that famous physique. But the idea that Mike Sorrentino deserves to make $5 million by 2011 (and more than $10 million overall by this time next year)? It’s hard to stomach.

Savvy Situation: MTV Star Turns Fame Into Fortune [Reuters]
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