The Speaker’s Race Is a Shit Show, But It’s Produced Some Tremendous Content

Rep. Kevin McCarthy has lost nine votes so far, but he has inspired some winning tweets.

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Screenshot: @acyn on Twitter/C-SPAN

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has thoroughly humiliated himself this week in his quest to become the speaker of the House. He presumptuously moved all of his belongings into the speaker’s office on Tuesday before voting started, threatened to strip members of their committee positions if they don’t vote for him, mistakenly thought Democrats would help him win, lost votes as his efforts continued instead of gaining them, and then made a bunch of big concessions to try win over his far-right critics that resulted in no changes at all.

Meanwhile, House Republicans have been generally melting down, calling each other names on national television, and desperately trying to avoid being seen talking to pathological liar Rep.-elect George Santos—who, himself, is desperately trying to avoid the press. It’s all a big mess, and it’s pretty sad for our country. But at the very least, it’s resulted in some amazing content.

Here are the best tweets from Speakerbowl 2023, for those not chronically online:

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