The Taco Cleanse Is the Only Cleanse You'll Ever Need


Remember the Taco Cleanse Chart? Well, that shit has gone next level and now there is the Taco Cleanse Zine!

In general, cleanses are pretty much bullshit. Often, they’re socially acceptable starvation disguised as health, and that is the fucking worst. Even worse, they can be used as a tool to make women feel guilty about consuming real food and to repent their eating “sins”, they demand we choke down lemon juice swirled with cayenne pepper and your tears so that you can lose those last five pounds. Fuuuuuck that.

However, not all cleanses are bad. Enter: THE TACO CLEANSE. Some industrious/gluttonous/foolish/awesome folks in Austin decided to eat tacos everyday for the entire month of September, and the results were spectacular. So spectacular, in fact, that they created a zine. An awesome zine filled with delicious veg recipes, hilarious quizzes, and all sorts of fantastic taco-themed goodness. It’s the best purchase I’ve made all year — and I bought an Apple TV! (Ok, maybe not best example.)

Full disclosure: I was asked by the Taco Scientists to write the forward because I LOVE TACOS and also, I know the artist (Jonas Madden-Connor) who made the Bathing Tacos on the back cover and above. (I know him because he’s my boyfriend!) However, I have no financial interest in the success of this project. I just believe that tacos are our future. Fill them well and then just eat them up.

[Taco Cleanse Zine]

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