The Villa From Under the Tuscan Sun Is a Rental Property, and Here’s What Might Happen If You Stay There


It’s recently come to my attention that the villa used as Diane Lane’s fixer upper in the classic 2003 dramedy Under the Tuscan Sun is now a rental property in Cortona, Italy, that can sleep up to 20 adults comfortably from anywhere between $2,388 and $4,095 a night depending on the season. This is a big deal to me personally because Under the Tuscan Sun is one of my 10 favorite movies of all time and I have often dreamed about what it would be like to sleep under the same roof as Frances Mayes, Lane’s character from the film.*

Under the Tuscan Sun holds a special place in my heart because it covers several of my passions (Italy, linen, Diane Lane, rich and agreeable middle-aged women searching for meaning, Lindsay Duncan, lifelong friendships with good-hearted and levelheaded lesbians, and elaborate home improvement projects), and will always calm my nerves and provide me with a small but noticeable jolt of hopefulness when turned on at any given time on any given day. (The film’s frequent showings on cable television suggest I’m far from alone here.)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must to find 19 friends who will join me as I wander through Tuscany looking for an old Italian man to reenact the moment at the end of the movie when her neighbor FINALLY ACKNOWLEDGES HER IN THE WINDOW (ugh it’s so sweet) and then WATER COMES FROM THE SPIGOT (what a miracle!) because life can be beautiful sometimes!!!!

*Yes. Mayes is a real person, and the film was based on her memoir of the same name. I have not read it, nor do I have any intention of ever doing so, as I refuse to taint what I consider to be a perfect cultural artifact.

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