The World's Worst Video Game Is Called "BoneTown"


“You’re going to have to start off with fat girls, and work your way up to us hot chicks.” It’s not just that the video game BoneTown is morally bad (although it is). It’s also just flat out bad-bad.

BoneTown markets itself as the world’s first porn video game. With that in mind, the video is probably NSFW.

As Asylum accurately summarizes BoneTown, “Everything your mother warned you about is not only featured in “BoneTown,” but encouraged: promiscuous, unprotected sex (in the streets, no less); various drugs; and strangers being beaten with a bat. It also features Ron Jeremy.”

BoneTown is educational. Judging by the preview, there’s history (King Solomon’s pubic hairs), sociology (pimps and hos!), English (“Fucking, Fighting and Getting Fucked Up”), Geography (one of the women begging to be boned has a Star of David plastered across her breasts) and, of course Civics. Because BoneTown, you see, is political. You – the player – is working to stop a big corporation known as “The Man.” (And grow your balls -counterintuitively, by much boning: that’s the Biology.)

Basically, it’s the version of political ideology by which the moron in your 7th Grade life Science Class justified describing homework as some kind of violation of his civil rights. He will like this game, if he doesn’t already. The creators, with their checklist of pop-culture stereotypes and vague attempts at “satire,” seem to fancy themselves South Park-esque provocateurs. But this game is to South Park as Speidi’s How to be Famous is to Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.

And in case you weren’t convinced of the game’s value, a prostitute (don’t worry – one of the thin hotties) utters the following: “Tell me that sucking your dick is the only thing I’m missing in my life right now.” Thank you, no.

Adult Game ‘BoneTown’ Lets Your Inner Degenerate Out (NSFW) [Asylum]
BoneTown Video Game Trailer (Long Version) [YouTube]

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