There Is No Way Big Is Alive In the Sex and The City Reboot, Right?

Let's examine closely the teaser for And Just Like That.

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There Is No Way Big Is Alive In the Sex and The City Reboot, Right?

After what feels like a decade, the first teaser for And Just Like That, the Sex and the City reboot that replaced Samantha with some other women that aren’t white, has arrived. Please buckle up, for the ride ahead is not quite bumpy, but paved with good intentions that feel a little bit like speed bumps or potholes.

Here she is!

It looks like Carrie will be doing a podcast and Miranda will eventually fall in love with the co-host of that podcast (I hope). Charlotte’s children are full-ass adults, as is the ginger baby. Harry, one of the only good men in this fictional universe, is still around, I see Steve (ugh), I don’t see Aidan, but I’m sure he’s out there somewhere, but I’d like to discuss a theory that is likely wrong but might be right: Big is in this trailer, sure, but, do you think in the actual show, he’s dead?

Yes, Big is in the trailer, glimpsed for a fleeting moment, giving Carrie a big kiss in their kitchen with bad backsplash. “Life is full of surprises,” intones Carrie over this very moment, which is a statement that certainly applies to the show as a whole, but could also apply to uh, the surprise of say, Big having a heart attack in the first episode and being only glimpsed throughout in flashbacks or, in one particularly experimental episode, as a ghost, emerging from the woodwork to dispense some advice and then disappearing again, as “Moon River” swells from the Sonos.

It feels cruel to wish for Big’s death, but it also feels correct for the spirit of the show itself, which sort of feels like these women are “starting over.” I don’t want to see Carrie as a widow, but I also can’t imagine a world, fictional or otherwise, where her marriage with Big lasts. Also, is it boring-entertaining or just boring-boring for all of the women in the show to be in solid relationships? Not sure, because I’m not Michael Patrick King, but something tells me that it is the latter. We shall see, together, as a society, on December 9, when this old gal premieres on HBOMax. [YouTube]

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